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President: Bryanna Entwistle

Bryanna Entwistle was born in Hong Kong before moving to New York, then Mumbai, and finally, the little red dot. She's one of the co-founders and directors of the annual Walk for Water -- a 28k walk to raise funds for wells in rural Cambodia. In addition, she serves as co-president of the READ Bhutan service club here at SAS, working towards catalyzing the development of Bhutan through education. She has been a representative on ESC since her freshman year. When not serving, Bryanna enjoys dancing, rowing crew, listening to Hamilton, and writing slightly pointless stories with no apparent plot.






Senior Vice President: Teagan Mountcastle

Teagan Mountcastle was born in St. Petersburg, Florida before moving to Saudi Arabia and then returning to Florida. She then moved with her family to Barcelona, Spain, and shortly after to Singapore. Teagan works closely with the Stairway Foundation in Puerto Galera, an island off of the Manila, Philippines to rescue sexually abused boys from the streets and to aid them on their journey to psychological and physical recovery. Teagan is a member of Model United Nations and Harvard Model Congress at Singapore American School. In her free time, Teagan enjoys music, literature, brunch with her friends, and Buzzfeed cooking videos.



Senior Vice President: Vidhi Prasad

Vidhi Prasad was born in New Delhi, India before taking a year long detour to Mumbai on her way to New Jersey. After six years, Vidhi moved to the tiny island of Singapore. This is her fifth year at SAS. Vidhi is a co-president of the READ Bhutan service club, which changes communities in Bhutan through vocational training, access to technology, and fostering a love for education. She is also a co-president of Freedom Foundation, which aims to help rehabilitate sexually abused women through tattoo signature removals an care packages. In addition to service, Vidhi is an active member of Model United Nations and Mock Trial. In her free time, Vidhi can be found watching cute dog videos or making peanut butter cookies

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Junior Vice President: Joy Jaensubhakij

Joy Jaensubhakij was born in Singapore, only to move to New York shortly after in 2003. In 2011, her family moved to London, before moving back to Singapore in 2013. This is Joy’s fifth year at SAS. Joy’s love and interest for service sparked with her younger brother, who has Down Syndrome. She spent a lot of her childhood going to fundraising events and helping out in his special needs classroom. She is an officer of Friends of Genesis, a club started by her older sister that works with the Genesis School for Special Education. Joy is also very involved with READ Bhutan, a club that works to reshape the education system in rural Bhutan. In her spare time, Joy loves perfecting her Pinterest aesthetic and drinking unhealthy amounts of tea. She is also involved with Drama Club, Dance Club, the Pitches, and is Co-President of SAS’s Happy Feet program. 




Junior Vice President: SJ Jain

Satvik Jain, or SJ as he’s come to be known, was born in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois; he lived here for ten years, but is of Indian descent and heritage. Then, him and his family moved to Singapore and he has attended Singapore American School since the middle of third grade. In his spare time, SJ loves to spend time with his friends, play poker, watch Netflix, read the news, and often travels with his family. At school, he is extremely involved in TASSEL and has been an officer since the beginning of freshman year. Aside from helping to plan TASSEL’s galas and events, he is also a member on the Walk for Water Executive team. Outside of the service world, SJ is also an avid debater. He is pioneering the first ever SASMUN conference and has attended over 13 conferences. Additionally, he is an officer of Harvard Model Congress. He also loves working out and golfing.


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Sophomore Vice President: Cal Galicia

Cal Galicia was born in Manhattan before moving to Connecticut, where he lived until 2008, finally moving to Singapore. Cal began service by helping Typhoon Haiyan survivors by carolling with his friends, performing at office parties and friends’ homes. He still provides aid to the Philippines as an officer of GK, and when not doing service he can be found on the field practicing baseball, or taking photos around SG. His favourite movies include “La La Land”, “Inception”, “The Prestige”, and “The Dark Knight”. 






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