President: Ruth Jaensubhakij

Ruth Jaensubhakij was born in Singapore, but moved to New York in 2003, moved again to London in 2011 and finally made her way back to Singapore in 2013. This is her fifth year at SAS. Ruth's passion for service began when she started helping out at her brother Joash's special needs schools when she was young, and this led to her founding the service club Friends of Genesis in her freshman year. Friends of Genesis works with the Genesis School for Special Education in Singapore, providing support for students, faculty and on the campus. Ruth has been a part of ESC since her freshman year, and outside of school she volunteers as a leader in her church's AWANA and Youth Ministries. Ruth also enjoys making playlists, drinking bubble tea, and learning Norwegian. She is a part of IASAS Debate, the Pitches, IPAU, Peer Support, and the Catalyst Fellowship. 




Senior Vice President: Tarini Chaudhuri Iyer

Tarini Chaudhuri Iyer is a grade 11 student and has been with Singapore American School since the 7th Grade. She is a hard working student and a regular volunteer with various associations inside as well as outside SAS. Tarini is the Co-founder of ‘Liberty in North Korea’ and is a member of Peace Initiative, GIN and various other clubs. Being an active volunteer, Tarini works alongside SG Cares, which encompasses different service activities in Singapore, ranging from distribution of food to the elderly, fundraising for schools for the visually handicapped, helping to build environmentally friendly Kampongs to reading and holding activities in Children Hospitals. Tarini is also a member of Model United Nation, Peer support and the Forensic Society at SAS. Following her dad’s exhortations to learn Indian Classical Music, Tarini did just enough to get the opportunity to perform for the visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year.




Senior Vice President: Robin Yoon

Robin is a senior at the Singapore American School who enjoys making music and watching Game of Thrones when he’s not debating at Model United Nations conferences or editing short films. He has been at SAS since the seventh grade and has always loved serving the school community through his various skills and talents such as creating various promotional videos for many service clubs. The topic of North Korea and its refugee crisis has been a strong passion and interest for him as he is currently the President and founder of the Liberty in North Korea Rescue Team at SAS. He enjoys listening to rap artists like Kendrick Lamar and Jay Park, and his favorite films include movies like ‘The Prestige’, ‘John Wick’, and 'Inglourious Basterds’.




Junior Vice President: Bryanna Entwistle

Bryanna Entwistle was born in Hong Kong before moving to New York, then Mumbai, and finally, the little red dot. She's one of the co-founders and directors of the annual Walk for Water -- a 28k walk to raise funds for wells in rural Cambodia. In addition, she serves as co-president of the READ Bhutan service club here at SAS, working towards catalyzing the development of Bhutan through education. She has been a representative on ESC since her freshman year. When not serving, Bryanna enjoys dancing, rowing crew, listening to Hamilton, and writing slightly pointless stories with no apparent plot.





Junior Vice President: Teagan Mountcastle

Teagan Mountcastle was born in St. Petersburg, Florida before moving to Saudi Arabia and then returning to Florida. She then moved with her family to Barcelona, Spain, and shortly after to Singapore. Teagan works closely with the Stairway Foundation in Puerto Galera, an island off of the Manila, Philippines to rescue sexually abused boys from the streets and to aid them on their journey to psychological and physical recovery. Teagan is a member of Model United Nations and Harvard Model Congress at Singapore American School. In her free time, Teagan enjoys music, literature, brunch with her friends, and Buzzfeed cooking videos.





Sophomore Vice President: Joy Jaensubhakij

Joy Jaensubhakij was born in Singapore, only to move to New York shortly after in 2003. In 2011, her family moved to London, before moving back to Singapore in 2013. This is Joy’s fifth year at SAS. Joy’s love and interest for service sparked with her younger brother, who has Down Syndrome. She spent a lot of her childhood going to fundraising events and helping out in his special needs classroom. She is an officer of Friends of Genesis, a club started by her older sister that works with the Genesis School for Special Education. Joy is also very involved with READ Bhutan, a club that works to reshape the education system in rural Bhutan. In her spare time, Joy loves perfecting her Pinterest aesthetic and drinking unhealthy amounts of tea. She is also involved with Drama Club, Dance Club, the Pitches, and is Co-President of SAS’s Happy Feet program. 





Special Assignment: Taylor Buechel

Taylor Buechel was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, only to shortly move to Florida. In 2014, she moved to Singapore, then in 2016 moved to Taipei, before moving back to Singapore in 2017. She was a founder of Taipei's For Kids club and is a member of Girl Up, Butterflies for Nepal, and various other clubs. Her passion for service was first sparked by environmental service type projects, but it has grown to encompass various other fields. Outside of service, she enjoys playing guitar, lacrosse, and running.






House Team Representative: Amy Ong

Amy Ong has lived in Singapore for the past 10 years, but her original home in California is close to her heart. Through the non-profit organization, TASSEL (Teaching and Sharing Skills to Enrich Lives), Amy has recently found her third home in Cambodia. When she isn't busy teaching English to Cambodian children or organizing fundraisers to support TASSEL families and teachers, she can most likely be found in either her fourth or fifth home: the media lab and the art room. She also enjoys participating in the Pitches, Peer Support, a church worship team, and spending time with her large family where she dotes on her three younger cousins daily. Her most recent accomplishment is creating a 30 minute documentary on special needs education in Singapore.






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