Not to be confused with the Executive Service Council (ESC), the Service Council is the entire community of service clubs and service-oriented clubs. As part of the Service Council, students gain manifold benefits. A few of these benefits are listed below:

  • Access to the Service Fund and the Khanna Foundation Fund
  • Recognition and Awards for Students - Club representatives are encouraged to share and present their recent achievements at our monthly Service Council meetings. Additionally, the annual Celebration of Service in May aims to recognize students who have been exceptional in service throughout the year.
  • Platform for Advocacy - Clubs may spread awareness of their causes and upcoming events through the Service Council Facebook Page, the Service Council Website, the SAS service bulletin, eNews, and the Morning Show.
  • Support System - Although the Executive Service Council meets with all service club officers biannually, at anytime, clubs may request a meeting with ESC to brainstorm ideas or receive suggestions on how to improve.
  • Increased Networking - Through our annual service retreat in August, service clubs are given the opportunity to collaborate with one another. Additionally, the Council has had great success in the past in connecting clubs with local NGOs.
  • Participation in SAS Events - Service clubs have played an active role in the success of International Fair and IASAS sales.
  • Fundraising Opportunities - Clubs have the privilege of booking public spaces (ex. iTheatre, MakerSpace, Foyer) to host special fundraising events.