At the end of the year in May, students who have actively engaged in service throughout the year are rewarded with service awards. SAS service awards are meant to recognize those who have exemplified leadership, character, and dedication in their respective service clubs throughout school year. There are different awards one can receive: outstanding or distinguished. Students are nominated by their club sponsors for both distinguished and outstanding service awards.

Distinguished Service Award Criteria

  • Leadership - The student...
    • Sets an example and acts as a strong role model to others in the club.
    • Takes responsibility for club member’s actions and outcomes of certain events whether it be positive or not.
    • Takes initiative to further the club’s involvement within the service community.
    • Proposes new ideas and inspirations for the advancement of the club.
    • Not only brings innovative ideas, but also encourages and listens to the ideas of other members.
    • Shows commitment through setting goals and actively works toward them.
    • Ensures that work is effectively divided amongst club members.
  • Character - The student...
    • Maintains a cheerful, positive attitude and brings enthusiasm to the club.
    • Reaches out to all members of the club, regardless of grade.
    • Effectively communicates with sponsors, members and officers.
  • Dedication - The student...
    • Cooperates and does not shirk from his/her own duties.
    • Signs up for events without being asked twice and takes on responsibilities that may be challenging for others.
    • Participates in an array of club events including some direct service, not just fundraising activities.
    • Displays a continuous commitment towards service and the club’s mission.
    • Participates in a majority of the service opportunities run by his/her club(s).

Outstanding Service Award Criteria

The recipient of the outstanding service award goes above and beyond the requirements set for the distinguished service award. In addition, the recipient sets an example for students across all grades. The recipient of this award actively participates in more than one club and encourages the spirit of service outside of his/her service clubs. This is the most outstanding award for service at SAS and will be presented at the annual end of year Awards Assembly. This year there will be 6 recipients.