There are two types of clubs under the Service Council umbrella: Service Clubs and Service-Oriented Clubs (SOCs). Service Clubs are fully established clubs that enjoy all of the benefits of being a member of Service Council. Service-Oriented Clubs are clubs that are currently in the process of becoming an official service club. They are founded upon new and interesting ideas, and have a lot of room for potential. Before becoming a service club, each club must be a service-oriented club.

If you are interested in establishing a new service club at SAS, you must follow the procedures outlined by the ESC. Here are the steps:

  1. Determine the mission, activities, area of service, and approach of service of your club.

  2. Talk with Ms. Began, Mr. Early, or any member of ESC.

  3. Find a faculty sponsor.*

  4. Find 10 peers that would like to become members of your soon to be established club.

  5. Fill out the SOC application during the application period.**

  6. After ESC's approval, the club is established as a SOC.

  7. Begin the process of meaningful service at SAS.

  8. Document and gather evidence for at least one semester.

  9. When ready, fill out Service Club application during the application period.

  10. After approval, club is established as a service club and enjoys all of the privileges of Service Council.

*You will not be able to apply for a SOC or a service club without a sponsor.

**Starting from the 2016-17 school year, the ESC will only accept SOC and service club applications during the application period. The application period will be two weeks long at the beginning of each semester.