The Executive Service Council

The Executive Service Council (ESC) is the Student Council counterpart for service. We foster the spirit of service at SAS - managing all service clubs and service-oriented clubs, raising awareness for global issues, and taking initiatives to resolve natural disasters. We stress the importance of voluntary service learning at SAS, as this actively engages students in meaningful and personally relevant service activities. The service learning at SAS provides youth with the chance to garner skills in planning, implementing, and evaluating service experiences with guidance from adult sponsors. In the process, participants gain a greater understanding of diversity within our student body and the global community that we work to assist.

Some of ESC's main roles:

  • Manage and guide all Service Clubs and Service-Oriented Clubs
  • Regulation of new clubs
  • Provide opportunities to service clubs to share their progress
  • Assist clubs with advertisement
  • Service Fund 
  • Mediate club disputes
  • Fundraising umbrella
  • Event planning & guidance
  • Disaster Relief
  • Foster spirit of service