If service clubs and service-oriented clubs do not have enough funds but would like to engage in meaningful service requiring fees, they have three different funds they can apply for financial aid. ESC will review applications and approve or reject clubs' requests.

Service Fund

This is the ESC service scholarship funds. All clubs, and SOCs on a case by case basis, are allowed to apply for these funds, which pools its money from the SAS Foundation. Please note that all service clubs (and SOCs) that receive funds must complete the second form within one month of their service project, to document progress and legitimate usage of ESC funds. Failure to complete the documentation will hurt chances of receiving funds in the future.

Khanna Foundation Fund

Provided by the Khanna family, this fund is allocated towards financing a student’s transportation/lodging costs during a service learning trip. Applications, accepted throughout the year, will be assessed according to financial need.

Booster Fund

The Booster Club’s Donations Committee was formed in 1988 to help the organization support athletic, cultural and other activities involving high school students through donations. Interested students should check the application form for deadlines.